Light blue jeans are a timeless fashion but figuring out what to wear with light blue jeans mens is a challenging task.

Unlike other jeans, light blue jeans have a laid-back and joyful vibe that can brighten up your entire look, instantly. 

Despite being a versatile jeans color, light blue jeans do not go with anything and everything. For flawless styling, you must know what to or what not to wear with light blue jeans.

If you are an amateur and do not know anything about what to wear with light blue jeans men. Don’t worry, we have got you covered with this ultimate blue jeans men’s outfit guide.

So, let’s begin!

Tips: How To Style Light Blue Jeans?

Light-wash denim outfits are a tried and tested formula for a trendy casual look. If you have a thing for light blue jeans but are uncertain how to style them correctly here are some tips that will help you in the process.

  • The Right Fit:

Choose a pair of jeans that is a perfect fit for your body. Going for an oversized or undersized pair of jeans may ruin your whole look.

  • Jeans Style:

When choosing a light blue jeans pair, the cut is important. Opt for a type of pants that complements the shape of your body. Going for a straight-leg jeans style is a safe choice as it goes well with most physiques.

  • Add Contrast 

For styling an effortless look with light blue jeans, the contrast is crucial. Try using dark colors such as dark blue, black, and brown.

  • Accessories 

Keep the choice of your accessories simple and minimal to complement the casual vibe of your light blue jeans outfits.

What Colors Go With Light Blue Jeans?

 While jeans are a versatile fashion Figuring out, what color shirt to wear with light blue jeans can be a hard nut to crack, as they clash with certain tones especially vibrant and neon shades. So, if you do not have any prior knowledge, it is safe to stick with the basics. They are:

  • White 
  • Ivory 
  • Black 
  • Grey
  • Brown
  • Navy
  • Drak Green
  • Red

Although there is no harm in wearing shades of blue with light blue jeans it is best to go with darker hues of blue to add some contrast and texture to your light-wash denim. However, wearing your denim pants with of denim jacket is an exception.

Effortless Light Jeans Outfits Men 

If you are still wondering how can you pull off a chic look with your light blue jeans and what shoes to wear light blue jeans then look no further. In this blog, we have put together some simple yet dapper outfits for all your casual and smart casual clothing needs.

So, stick with us to know more.

  1. White T-shirt Outfits 
White T-shirt Outfits 

No matter what, you can never go wrong with a simple white t-shirt and light blue jeans look. Whether it’s a coffee shop date or a movie night with friends, this causal yet simple outfit will never disappoint you. 

A black or white low-cut sneakers pair is the perfect footwear to wear with this look. However, make sure not to go over the board with the choice of your accessories. A sleek wristwatch and a stylish pair of sunglasses are enough to finish off this look with ultimate style.

  1. Black Shirt With Light Blue Jeans 
Black Shirt With Light Blue Jeans 

If black is your favorite color, a pair of light blue jeans deserves a place in your wardrobe. After white, a black t-shirt makes some of the best combinations with light blue jeans. 

Whether you go for a simple black crewneck shirt or button-down, both will look equally chic when paired with light blue jeans. For the choice of footwear white sneakers may work but black leather boots complement best with a black shirt and faded blue jeans look.

  1. Grey Sweatshirt 
Grey Sweatshirt 

If you are looking for something subtle for the chilly fall days, grey sweatshirts and jumpers with your light-wash jeans are the outfits for you. Whether you go for light gray, medium, or charcoal gray, all shades of gray go well with light blue jeans. 

However, do not forget to finish off this look with a pair of casual high-top or regular sneakers. For some added style and protection against the cold wear a beanie and wrap a contrasting warm scarf around your neck.

  1. Trench Coat With Light Wash Jeans Outfit
Trench Coat With Light Wash Jeans Outfit

Want some streetwear vibes while looking sophisticated and trendy at the same time? Then try pairing your brown trench coat with a basic white sweatshirt and light wash jeans.

The woolen trench coat will keep you warm with the right amount of style. To finish off this look put on your brown leather boots or pair of white classic sneakers. Lastly, do not forget to wear a warm scarf around your neck for some added style.

  1. Prints And Plaids
Prints And Plaids

Who said you can’t wear prints and plaids with your casual light blue jeans? Talking about summer esthetics tropical print button-down t-shirts with light blue jeans and sneakers are an effortlessly trendy look, perfect for a fun day at the beach or at a resort vacation.

On the other hand plaids and stripes, button-down shackets over a white shirt, and light blue jeans and sneakers are perfect summer casuals. You can also pull off this trendy look in winter with plaid flannel shirts and boots.

  1. Smart Casual Outfits 
Smart Casual Outfits 

Light blue jeans are considered a casual pair of pants but that does not mean you cannot pull off a dressy look with them. 

All you need is to pair your basic light-wash jeans with a  smart casual button-down shirt and an elevated blazer to add some contrast and texture. Lastly, top up this outfit with a pair of dress shoes and you are all set to slay your business casual attire with maximum style.

For semi-formal dress code and dinner dates, try to go with a neutral color shirt with a darker color blazer such as charcoal grey or dark blue for a more put-together vibe. Lastly, add some finishing touches with some leather accessories and dress shoes.

  1. Denim On Denim 
Denim On Denim

Double denim can be a disaster with lighter jeans pair. The only way it can work out is with a darker color trucker jacket. However, do not forget to add a pop of color with a contrasting undershirt.

You can wear light-wash jeans with a  white, black, and dark blue denim jacket and a white or grey sweatshirt underneath to achieve a dapper double-denim look. Lastly, wear a pair of sneakers to add some low-key aesthetics to your entire look. 

  1. Leather Jacket With Light Blue Jeans 
Leather Jacket With Light Blue Jeans 

Leather jackets are absolutely essential fall clothing that goes well with most winter ensembles. However, while styling a leather jacket look with light blue jeans, be very careful about the color of your leather jacket.

Tan leather jackets are a big no, however, you can go for darker tones of leather such as a dark brown and black leather jacket to pair with your light wash jeans. Wear a subtle sweatshirt or hoodie and leather boots to finish off this look with maximum style.

  1. Black Sweatshirt Outfit 
Black Sweatshirt Outfit 

A black sweatshirt with faded blue jeans makes a perfect combo for slightly chilly days. For the choice of shoes, go for black or brown leather lace-up boots for maximum style. 

This minimal look will give out a sandwich effect, perfect to neutralize the light blue jeans with dark leather hues i.e. sweater and shoes. Whether, it’s a weekly grocery store trip, casual family gatherings, or dinner date, you can wear this outfit practically everywhere.

  1. Light Blue Jeans With Puffer Vest 
Light Blue Jeans With Puffer Vest 

If you have a thing for puffer vests, you must try this minimal yet trendy outfit combo. All you have to do is pair your basic sweatshirt and light-wash jeans with a darker puffer vest such as dark green, black, or white.

In order to make this rugged look, even more, vogue, add a matching beanie and a wrap-around neck scarf. Lastly, finish with a pair of leather boots or sneakers.

FAQs – What To Wear With Light Blue Jeans?

What Shoes Go With Light Blue Jeans?

Light blue jeans go well with white trainers, high-top sneakers, Chelsea boots, chukka boots, leather hiking boots, and dress shoes, depending on the formality of the outfit.

What Matches Light Blue?

Light blue matches well with neutral shades such as white, black, tan, khaki, beige, brown, navy blue, and some shades of green.

Should Your Shirt Be Lighter Than Your Pants?

When choosing a type of shirt with your denim pants, contrast is important. If you are going for lighter shades of pants like light blue jeans, go for darker tops such as black and navy blue. For darker pants, opt for a more subtle shirt to balance out the contrast.

What Color Best Goes With Sky Blue?

Sky blue makes a perfect contrast with white, beige, yellow, dark blue, and gray.


Blue jeans are a versatile men’s fashion. However, finding out what to wear with light blue jeans men is a hard task, as they do not go well with most outfits.

The most recommended outfits to wear with light blue jeans include white and black t-shirts, plaid shackets, basic button-down dress shirts, different types of jackets, blazers, sweatshirts, and puffer vests. While, for footwear, leather lace-up boots, dress shoes, and sneakers are some decent shoes to wear with light blue jeans.