With a history of more than 80 years, loafers outfits mens are a prominent piece of menswear. Men of all shapes and sizes can comfortably carry loafers with utmost style and elegance. There are several ways of wearing and experimenting with different variations of loafers that have been around. A lot of men’s outfits go perfectly well with solid-colored loafers, making them highly versatile. 

Let’s dig into a guide about loafer outfits for men that can make them look extremely fresh and dapper.

Stylish and Easy-to-Carry Casual Attires 

The go-to preference for men is to wear clothes that are comfortable yet classy, and loafers help in achieving exactly that look.

Tees and Button-down Shirts

Tees and button-down shirts are the most preferred outfit for men and boys alike. Being the comfort freaks, men can easily pair their tees and shirts with loafers. They not just provide comfort, but also look quite neat and chic.

Even if it is a casual outfit or something you would like to wear on a day out, loafers go hand in hand with tees, especially white ones.

On a working day, you can easily wear tassel or horsebit loafers with your formal shirts as well. Loafers suit well with socks, so you can totally carry them on business meetings as well.  

Solid-colored Jeans and Denim

Rolled up jeans and denims not just look great with sneakers or shoes, but they complement smoothly with loafers. Make sure to wear ankle-length jeans to give off a better symmetry to your loafers. 

However, black loafers do not look so well with jeans or denims unless the outfit is monotone. So, a safer bet when it comes to wearing loafers with jeans would be to opt for oxblood, beige, or deep brown loafers. These colors go well with almost every color, bridging a gap between formal and casual.

Pair Up With Khakis & Chinos

Cotton chinos and khakis are very comfortable to wear in every season. Loafers being extremely versatile and easy to wear go well with chinos and neutral-tone khakis. Make sure to roll up the hem or wear ankle-length pants to show-off your loafers.

You can wear this combination at the office, on a casual day out, or even at a party. Pair up with blazers and coats to further enhance the entire look.  

With Neutrals Outfits

Clean neutrals with subtle patterns when paired with loafers of your choice is an ultimate fashion combo. For men, neutrals and monotones are very decent to be worn on almost every occasion. Pull up your tassel and heeled loafers with your neutrals without having a second thought, be it suit or a casual attire, and thank me later!

Business and Formal Attires 

Be it an office meeting, job interview, wedding to attend, graduation party, or a prom — loafers are here to save the day!

Go Classy With Jackets & Formal Blazers

In business settings, men mostly prefer to wear blazers with cotton pants. While their often go-to wear is oxfords or laced shoes, loafers can look quite sophisticated below blazers. Blue, black, and beige blazers suit well with solid-colored loafers like black, maroon, and deep browns.

When it comes to wearing a leather jacket, denim jacket, or even a fur jacket on an evening, make sure to pair up with leather loafers. You can put on a white t-shirt or a beige vest under the coat, complementing the color of your loafers.

Long Socks or No Socks

It’s not a rule of thumb to wear loafers without socks. You can certainly wear loafers with socks, such as black, skin-colored, or white socks. Make sure to wear ankle-length or socks, as full-length socks do not give a sophisticated look on men’s outfit. Long socks with loafers suit more with women’s dresses; so make sure to wear socks that match your outfit.

Socks under loafers seem more suitable when worn with suits and blazers. Coats, formal shirts, and tees do not go well with socks, killing the chic aura that loafers give off.

Shine at a Wedding

Who would have thought to wear loafers on a wedding or at your own wedding? The idea is not foreign at all, but is very much in trend these days.

Everyone wants to have a unique look at their wedding apart from old traditional ones. When wearing a suit or tuxedo, opt for matching or contrasting loafers to elevate your wedding look. They also go well with ties and accessories, especially the tassel, horsebit, and high-rise loafers.

Formal Three-Piece Suits

The combo of suit and loafers has been here for decades. Not only does this outfit complement weddings, it can be worn effortlessly in the workplace.

Whether you are attending meetings or going on a business trip, wearing loafers with a formal three-piece suit (even with a tie) is a safe bet.

Why Not With Tuxedos?

If loafers go well with suits, there is no doubt they won’t balance your tuxedo. Loafers are considered formal, mainly due to their leather and suede build.

Velvet loafers and patent leather loafers can be easily worn with tuxedos and dress pants. Pair it up with a tie for a wedding, or a bow if you want to shine at a prom night! If you prefer to wear socks, make sure to wear loafers with very thin socks or no-show socks.

Summer or Winters – Loafers For Every Season 

Loafers are also cost-effective in the long-run, as you can style them effortlessly with any outfit regardless of the season.

Coats & Sweaters 

Loafers are a great winter treat! They are not only warm and cozy, but are also quite adaptable for winter wear. Men often wear coats and sweaters during winters, which could seem very boring after a while. However, you can always pull up stylish loafers under your winter attire to completely change the look from boring to elite.

 Trench coats and long buttonless coats particularly look so elegant with loafers. It is just a matter of mixing and matching the colors of both to have an outfit that can turn all eyes on you.  

Accessorize With Mufflers and Scarves

Men love to wear accessories to add up something to their casual look, and nothing seems better than mufflers and scarves. While they can be worn with any kind of outfit, wearing loafers can accessorize your entire look to a different level. 

You need to match the color of your loafers with the color of your scarfs, keeping the outfit monotone or two-toned. It would never look nice wearing black loafers on a brown coat, white pants, and gray muffler. So, make sure to focus more on the color combination while playing with an outfit like this.

As a Picnic or Beach Attire

Thought you could only wear flip-flops or sandals at the beach? Take a look below how loafers suit a picnic look:

Flaunting a casual beach look is still possible with loafers. You would not only enhance your picnic look by wearing loafers, but you would also find it quite easy to carry. Loafers would even complement your tank top and shorts, so wear it at picnics without giving a second thought.  

Shorts and Loafers – Summers’ Treat

A good pair of khaki or denim shorts with no socks and solid-colored loafers is a great combination for a summer treat. You can complement it with a style and crisp shirt, a nice watch, and trendy shades to complete your summer look.

For example, beige shorts with a white shirt when worn with brown penny loafers can easily help you stand out from the crowd.


What Do You Wear With?

Loafers being extremely versatile can be worn with tees, shirts, jeans, khakis, shorts, chinos, formal suits, blazers, tuxedos, jackets, coats, socks, sweaters, mufflers, scarfs, and neutral outfits. You can wear loafers with almost every outfit you pre-selected.

What To Wear With Black Loafers?

Black loafers go well with every outfit, but you need to match the color of your top with your loafers. Black loafers do not look so well with jeans or denims unless the outfit is monotone. It would never look nice wearing black loafers on a brown coat, white pants, and gray muffler. So, make sure to wear black loafers keeping in mind the color of your outfit.

Can You Wear Loafers With A Suit?

Yes, absolutely. Whether you are attending meetings or going on a business trip, wearing loafers with a formal three-piece suit always look nice.

Are Loafers In Style?

A big YES!! Loafers are never out of style, whether it is the 90s fashion or the latest 2022. They have always been and will keep on being a great fashion article.


The above guide is all about how to style loafers on men’s outfits to make them look dapper and fresh. For a more casual look, wear your loafers with tees, button-down shirts, jeans, denims, khakis, chinos, and neutral-colored outfits. For attaining a formal ensemble, loafers seem quite decent when worn with jackets, blazers, three-piece suits, socks, and tuxedos. 

Not only that, you can style loafers effortlessly in any season. In winters, you can comfortably wear them with coats, sweaters, jackets, mufflers, and scarfs. While in summers, loafers styled with tank tops, shorts, and summer accessories look very hip. 

So, it is never a bad idea to keep a few pairs of solid-colored loafers in your wardrobe. Sensibly match them with any of your outfits and look neat and graceful without much effort!