Bella Hadid has been in the fashion industry for quite some time now, and she’s managed to carve a niche for herself as a style icon. 

Bella’s style for the season is all about nostalgic trends, including her zig-zag and bleached  hairs and baby tees.

This season, she’s breaking the internet with her effortlessly retro-meets-chic style, and we’re not surprised. She’s always had impeccable street style and the perfect sense of what works for her body type and personality.

From her frequent use of vintage Dior and Versace to her embrace of kitschy ’90s accessories, Bella Hadid has proven that she hasn’t abandoned the iconic decade’s style and it doesn’t just stop at a few outfits. 

Bella Hadid has now become the most sought-after model of her generation.Gained over 46 million followers on Instagram and has become one of the most watched street-style stars at fashion week.

Revisit Bella Hadid’s Style Evolution

Here are the top Y2k trends that seem to be on top of Bella Hadid’s list of favorites!

Bella Hadid Street Style: Low-rise Pants


Low-rise pants are making a comeback with the rise of millennial fashion. Bella Hadid, who is known for her love of “Y2k fashion”, continues to wear low-rise jeans in different styles, colors and prints.

Bella Hadid’s Instagram is filled with photos of her in early 2000s-style pants, which are also a favorite of her street-style snaps.

Bella Hadid Street Style: Baby Tees


Bella Hadid’s affection for baby tee’s (very 90s fashion)is no secret. In fact, she has been spotted wearing them often this season! If you are into baby tees then choose something with a little something extra, look for ones with quirky prints or statements.

Bella Hadid Street Style: Bell Bottoms


Bella Hadid is a big fan of ’90s fashion, so it’s no surprise that she’s known to wear bell-bottom jeans. And while it may seem tricky to pull off, Hadid took the trend up a notch by wearing a pair from 3×1 that featured a tiered-rinse detail and frayed hem. The light-wash color only made her endless legs look even longer, and the studded belt cinched her waist in just enough.

Bella Hadid Street Style: Leather blazers


Big leather blazers are the ultimate throwback to the ’90s and Bella Hadid is honestly never seen without one. Be it at the airport or during fashion week, this versatile jacket is a go-to for Bella time and time again.

Bella Hadid Street Style: Translucent sunglasses


Bella loves wearing translucent sunglasses with all kinds of looks. Translucent sunglasses are a fun way to bring the ‘90s fashion trends back into your life. You can get them in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You’ll want to wear them all the time with everything from casual outfits to fancy ones.

Bella Hadid Street Style: Corsets


It’s not surprising that Bella Hadid, a fan of vintage fashion, is such a fan of Vivienne Westwood. Nothing made that clearer than when she emerged at New York Fashion Week with the most prized piece by the English designer: a corset from the Fall/Winter 1993 collection. Bella made the vintage piece truly hers by opting for a pair of baggy cargo pants and square-toe shoes.

Bella Hadid Street Style: Shoulder Bags


When it comes to bags, the Y2K trend staple of shoulder bags has found a perfect resurgence this year. Just like all the other style enthusiasts, Bella Hadid too swears by these short-strapped bags, and is often seen sporting one. In fact, the trend bellwether likes to take it a step forward by opting for shoulder bags in animal prints, unconventional shapes, or ones with chain-link details.

Bags by the armful—an updated version of the classic shoulder bag has been a major trend this year. Bella Hadid, a fashion icon known for being on the cutting edge, always has one on hand. 

Bella Hadid Street Style: Combat Boots


Bella’s love of combat boots led her to Prada’s version, the Monolith lace-up leather boots. She wore the statement shoes everywhere, with their lugged rubber soles and zippered pouches. The boots became her go-to when flying between airports or shuttling between shows at Fashion Week.

Bella Hadid Street Style: Bucket Hats


Bella Hadid’s style has been a combination of retro and contemporary in recent weeks, as she pairs “aughts” trends with modern-day staples. Bucket hats are one such trend that has found its way into most of her ensembles. While bucket hats are having a major renaissance moment, Bella Hadid seems to be fancying ones in bold colors and fuzzy, crochet variants.

Bella Hadid Best Street Style Looks 

Bella Hadid has been keeping the ’90s look alive by sporting some of its most iconic trends. We rounded up all the times she’s worn Y2K fashion in her Instagram posts, and pulled off some of the best looks from 90’s fashion.

Bella Hadid Street Style: Cargo Pants with Sleeveless Tee


The ultimate Y2K look of the early 2000s fashion was created by pairing camo cargo pants with a burgundy crop top featuring a leopard print heart and trims around the sleeves. To complete the grunge-inspired ensemble, Hadid added vampy red lips and space buns to create an outfit worthy of Hilary Duff’s character on ‘Lizzie McGuire’.

Bella Hadid Street Style: Bootcut Jeans and Halter Top


Bootcut jeans and halter tops were stylish in the year 2000. Hadid’s faded, bootcut jeans featured a unique cross-over waistband and double zippers. She teamed the jeans with a black, corset-style halter top and layered resin necklaces. This look gave off some seriously edgy Bratz Doll vibes.

Bella Hadid Street Style: Twinset of Skirt and Blazer


In a sexy, sultry dinner look, Hadid paired a micromesh floral, lettuce hem midi skirt with a matching, slightly sheer open cardigan. The Y2K vibe continued as she styled her hair with streaky highlights that perfectly framed her face. This look had a ’90s goth vibe to it but was still incredibly chic. It would not have looked out of place on an episode of the original Charmed series.

 Bella Hadid Street Style: Flared Jeans with Spaghetti Strap Top


Paisley-print flared jeans were paired with a matching spaghetti strap top, another Y2K staple. These tops often featured contrasting trim colors and were worn over a basic T-shirt or cami. The outfit is accessorized with more essential pieces of the era: layered necklaces and a Louis Vuitton shoulder bag.

Bella Hadid Street Style: Baby Tee with Ed Hardy logo


Bella Hadid has been sporting a baby tee with the classic Ed Hardy logo for quite some time. Her look might be the perfect throwback outfit so far, when she was spotted on a casual day out with her boyfriend Marc Kalman on the streets of New York. The original Ed Hardy t-shirts were a major hype in the early 2000s, but Bella’s style may just be bringing them back.


Even though the year Y2K was almost two decades ago, the fashion trends that emerged from that era still continue to influence contemporary fashion. We can clearly see this in the Y2K trend because everything about it is different. From the baggy jeans to the minimalist details, Y2K continues to make waves in the fashion world and bring a dash of nostalgia through its throwback silhouettes and designs. Bella Hadid epitomizes this perfectly by mixing up all these elements in her ensemble choices.