Did you know that 60% of what you put on your skin enters your bloodstream? Considering the potentially adverse and harmful effects of synthetic ingredients typically used in cosmetics, it’s time to switch to non-toxic makeup brands and products because your skin deserves the absolute best!

It’s no longer just about being conscious about what we are putting in our bodies, but also what we are putting on our bodies. 

This has given rise to the ‘clean beauty’ trend which has become all the rage in recent times. The term is used to describe skincare and cosmetic products that don’t contain any kind of harmful ingredients.

If you are a makeup enthusiast and are ready to introduce organic, toxic-free, and natural makeup into your life, take a look at 11 of the best non-toxic makeup brands that aren’t just good for your health, but also for achieving that glass skin effect!

100% Pure

True to its name, 100% Pure is one of the best non-toxic makeup brands in the US that is fully committed to being environmentally sustainable and offering the healthiest and purest makeup, skincare and body products.

This non-toxic makeup brand lives up to its name by using organic, pure, and all-natural ingredients such as tea, fruits, vegetables, and cocoa in its wide range of products. For instance, their BB cream features a hydrating formula and is infused with shea, aloe, and vitamin E, together which offer skin-soothing benefits.

100% Pure ensures that all their formulations are done according to the strict purity standards in place, and it never tests on animals which makes it a completely cruelty-free makeup brand. The brand also doesn’t use any toxic dyes, unrefined ingredients or synthetics so if you want to get that glass skin effect, this brand is one of the many to add to your beauty arsenal!

Alima Pure

Based in Portland, Oregon, Alima Pure is another toxic-free makeup brand that is known for producing mineral-based makeup products that are free of any preservatives, irritants, and toxins. The brand is big on the narrative ‘less is more’ and the best part about it is that its minimalism-focused approach isn’t just limited to its use of ingredients, but also its packaging.

It uses recycled paper packaging with soy-based inks, and its makeup compacts are also refillable and reusable. 

Alima Pure has always been particularly transparent about the ingredients used in its products which is also one of the many things that makes it a popular clean makeup brand. 

One of its most sought-after products is the satin matte foundation containing four hypoallergenic ingredients that can help enhance the appearance of the skin.

ILIA Beauty 

Helping people become more aware and mindful of their makeup choices, ILIA Beauty is all about transparency and non-toxic makeup products that have some of the most remarkable benefits to offer for the skin.

The brand offers clean and pure products that have been manufactured with skin-nourishing organic bio-active botanicals.

On top of using organic and safe ingredients in its products, ILIA Beauty also prioritizes sustainable makeup packaging materials like recycled glass, aluminum and paper. 

From foundations to bronzing powders to tinted lip oils and lip balms to brow gel and lash mascara, ILIA Beauty has a diverse range of amazing makeup products to offer to all the makeup enthusiasts out there! Its True Skin Serum Foundation, for instance, features a breathable, milky formula that seamlessly blends into the skin.

The Soft Focus Finishing Powder also deserves a mention considering how it’s formulated with oil-balancing bamboo, rosemary which offers anti-bacterial properties and aloe that deeply conditions the skin, together which help achieve glowing and healthy-looking skin.

RMS Beauty 

Celebrity-endorsed organic makeup brand, RMS Beauty is one of the best non-toxic makeup brands that is known for products made of raw, organic, food-grade materials. Its wide range of makeup products also feature bio-active botanicals that offer excellent skin-nourishing properties.

RMS Beauty constantly pursuits new and advanced technologies for greater innovation, efficacy and wellness in terms of producing skin-loving clean ingredients. The brand’s products are free of talc, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, gluten, parabens, sulfates and GMOS.

It is also big on quality and transparency and never hesitates to disclose the ingredients used in all its products which are hand-picked. 

RMS Beauty is also in the middle of paving the way to a more sustainable future with its new primer which is the brand’s first ever refillable product. 


For the all-natural 90s makeup enthusiasts out there, BeautyCunter is another non-toxic makeup brand that you should look into. The brand’s mission is ‘to get safer products into the hands of everyone’ which it does by using the safest ingredients possible in its makeup products.

BeautyCounter hopes to minimize the negative impacts on the environment through its clean and toxic-free products, packaging and footprint. It creates clean beauty products based on its motto –  formulate, advocate, & educate.

The brand is fully dedicated towards improving their product formulas and reducing their environmental impact. Interestingly, this makeup brand also has what it refers to as “The Never List” which comprises more than 1500 harsh chemicals that are known to be harmful and questionable, fragrances, synthetic flavors, and preservatives like formaldehyde.  

Take it Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer, for instance which consists of vitamin C, Non-Nano Zinc Oxide, peony root extract, organic madagascar bourbon vanilla, and black currant seed oil which help enhance the skin in different ways.

W3LL People

Cruelty-free and natural, W3LL People is an affordable non toxic makeup whose products are ideal for those who like subtle, natural makeup looks. 

The brand is big on minimizing wastefulness and consumption which it achieves through its multi-use and products such as their multi-purpose cream stick which can be used for the cheeks, eyes and lips.

Like many other clean beauty brands, W3LL People also believes in ‘less is more’ which is why it uses the cleanest ingredients including renewable and ethically-sourced botanicals such as broccoli seed oil, green tea, turmeric, rosehip, and pomegranate.

Each product offers a nice, natural finish, hydrating qualities and is super lightweight. Their products are also free of fillers, glycol and petrochemicals, allowing you to be well and choose clean. 

From their vegan eyeliner to botanical brow gel to the creamy bio stick foundation, W3LL People has a range of incredible toxic-free makeup products to offer that can help you achieve that glass skin effect! 


If you like your makeup products to also offer skin-soothing, nourishing and hydrating effects, Kosas is the makeup brand for you. This brand aims to enhance your beauty and skincare regime with the help of sustainable skincare formulas. 

Each Kosas product is made of safe synthetics and active botanicals, and is completely void of more than 2700 different ingredients which the brand has banned and has sworn to never feature in their product formulas. 

Moreover, all Kosas products offer beautiful pigments, dimensional colors, and luxury formulas that are well-suited for a multitude of skin tones, be it their cream products, powder products, illuminators or blushes. 

The best part about this non-toxic makeup brand is that it promises to keep innovating, formulating and testing all their products in order to provide their consumers with clinically-proven and skin-improving makeup, high performing formulas and clean cosmetics. 

While all of Kosas products are a must-try, their line of all-natural lipsticks is particularly popular which comes in stunning black packaging. 


Lawless is one of the best clean makeup brands whose motto is ‘Clean A.F’ which translates into  Clean Always Free. This simply goes to suggest that the brand’s products are free of all those ingredients or materials that are bad for you. These include, but aren’t limited to sulfates, parabens, aluminum salts, carbon black, lead, benzene, phthalates, talc, comedogenic ingredients polyethylene/PEGs, butylene glycol, and many others. 

One of the biggest benefits of using clean, non-toxic makeup products from Lawless is you can pave the way to healthier for the long term. Moreover, their products are cruelty-free as they don’t test on animals which is what gives it an edge over other makeup companies and brands. 

In the words of Annie Lawless, the founder of Lawless Beauty, “I started Lawless Beauty with the mission to create highly pigmented, full coverage, and long-wearing clean makeup with a no tolerance policy for sheer, wimpy, no-makeup makeup formulas and any kind of potentially toxic ingredients.”

Some of their best sellers include their brow duo, talc-free velvet blush, cream lipsticks, talc-free loose setting powder, and definer liner, to name a few.

Juice Beauty 

The name of this clean makeup brand comes from the fact that it uses organic botanical juice in its products. Every Juice Beauty product, both skincare and makeup, comprises certified ethical and organic ingredients. 

It is worth mentioning that all the natural ingredients that Juice Beauty uses in its products come from a farm that it owns in North Carolina. It harvests all the natural products on the farm which are then used to manufacture their beauty line – can it get any more natural than that? Certainly not!

Each product is non-toxic and free of fertilizers, petroleum fillers, synthetics and pesticides, and is full of antioxidants. 

This brand was a product of its founder’s profound passion for wellness, skincare, and environmentalism. Her goal was to create luxurious products featuring organic formulations that were better than all the other conventional beauty products in the market.  

From their lash-enhancing and boosting mascara to their CC cream which is a cult favorite, Juice Beauty has everything for you!

Vapour Beauty 

From stunning color payoff to antioxidant-rich products to organic ingredients, Vapour Beauty has got you covered. It takes pride in being unconventionally clean with formulas that you can trust which are void of questionable ingredients, plant-derived ingredients which are responsibly sourced, and clean products 92% of which are formulated without water as the brand understands and respects the fact that water is a limited and precious resource. 

Moreover, Vapour Beauty’s products are cruelty-free and it never tests its raw ingredients or final products on animals. The brand takes its cruelty-free approach and its commitment towards it to a whole other level by refusing to sell its products to countries that require animal testing. 

Vapour Beauty has a wide range of makeup products to offer to help you get that glass skin effect ranging from primer, perfecting powder and foundation to blush powder and bronzing powder to volumizing mascara and brow gel, and many more! 

The best part about this non-toxic makeup brand is that it’s ideal for makeup minimalists who don’t fancy using brushes and blenders – you can simply use your fingers instead!

Lilah B.

Effortless beauty, thoughtful formulations and mindful ingredients are a few of the many things that Lilah B. has to offer to you.

This clean makeup brand is all about non-toxic beauty products that are simple to use, clean, and multipurpose. Like many other brands, this also focuses on the ‘less is more’ ideology and strongly believes that ‘real beauty embraces quality, not quantity.’

In the words of Cheryl Foland, the founder of Lilah B., “Appreciating high-end, high-performance beauty but missing a cleaner alternative, I chose to create it: a well-curated, clean collection giving women like me the products they truly deserve.”

Every Lilah B. product is cruelty-free, features skin-first formulas which are free of sulfates, parabens, aluminum, phthalates,formaldehyde, petrolatum, BHA/BHT, synthetic fragrance, and cyclic silicones, and is multi-purpose. 

Instead, the products feature botanical and aloe, together which don’t only nourish the skin but also leave it looking luxurious and beautiful.

From skin prepping products to a range of makeup items such as lip, face and eye products, Lilah B. has a little something for everyone!


It’s important to understand that what you put on your skin can also impact your health, and it’s time to become more intentional and conscious about that. If you are a makeup enthusiast, non-toxic makeup is the way to go.

Switch to brands and products that are organic certified, cruelty-free, and are completely free of harsh chemicals and synthetics. Your skin will definitely thank you for that!