A pocket square is like the cherry on the cake – it’s the one accessory that provides the perfect finish to an outfit. In some cases, it can even completely alter the look and appearance of your ensemble. 

The history of pocket squares goes as far back as the 14th century in Greece and Ancient Egypt where it was initially used in the form of a handkerchief. The pocket square that we know today came to fruition sometime during the early 19th century. 

It particularly gained popularity after movie actors like Gary Cooper and Cary Grant were seen sporting it on television.   

You probably know how to tie a tie, it’s time to learn how to do a pocket square, too! There are many different styles of pocket square folds that can help you make a unique style statement. 

The Presidential Fold

The Presidential Fold

True to its name, this is the boss of all types of pocket square folds! It is also known as the square fold, is the easiest to achieve, and is best described as elegant, neat, and simple. It is one of the most popular styles of pocket square folds for weddings given its precise and clean lines.

Once you have learned how to tie a tie, the next step to becoming the gentleman that you want to be is learning how to wear a pocket square.

To make the presidential fold, begin by laying the pocket square flat, face-down, and unfolding. Fold it in half vertically from right to left. Fold it half vertically three quarters from left to right so that it leaves a gap on the right side. Fold the pocket square in half horizontally from top to bottom, and then fold again from bottom to top, tucking the end behind the front.

Adjust it according to the size of your pocket and you’re done. This is one of the most popular styles that are in right now and is super easy to learn as well.

The One-Point Fold

The One-Point Fold

This is a classic pocket square style that works great for business and wedding attire, as well as for everyday wear. It is quite a versatile option that features a clean, pointed detail that peeks out of your jacket pocket and adds a touch of interest to it.

To make the one-point fold, place your pocket handkerchief on a flat surface and smoothen it out. Fold it diagonally from bottom to top, creating a triangle. Fold the left side towards the middle, and then fold the right side in the same manner which will create an envelope shape. 

Then, tuck the folded pocket square in your pocket in a way that the folded side faces the back of your pocket. Make sure that the triangular or diamond-shaped point is facing upwards and is the only part visible. 

The Two-Point Fold

The Two-Point Fold

If you wish to make a double-style statement, go for the two-point pocket square style. It’s another ideal type of wedding pocket square fold technique that works with almost all types of fabrics. It’s also quite popular among office-going people and business professionals.

To make the two-point fold, fold the pocket square diagonally, forming a triangular shape as you do in the one-point fold, except that in this case, you have to create two overlapping triangles. 

Fold the left side towards the middle and do the same with the ride side to create the base. At this point, you will have an envelope-like shape with two overlapping triangular points. All you need to do now is tuck the pocket square inside your pocket and adjust as needed. Similar to the one-point fold, make sure the points are facing upwards. 

The Puff Fold 

The Puff Fold 

If you’ve been invited to a black-tie event, the puff fold is one of the most appropriate pocket squares folds for tuxedos. It’s also reminiscent of 1920s fashion given its vintage look that was quite prominent in tuxedo styling back in the day.

To make the puff fold, place the pocket square on a flat surface and pinch it in the middle. Create a hole with your fingers using the other hand and draw the pocket square through it. Adjust the length according to your desired length, but make sure that all four points or ends hang down evenly.

Tug the dangling ends gently and fold them inwards in order to shorten the length of the pocket square so that the size is small enough to insert in your tux pocket. At this point, the top will have a puffy appearance. Tuck it inside your pocket and adjust the puff according to your desire.

The Winged Puff Fold

The Winged Puff Fold

This is another pocket square fold style that is ideal for formal occasions like weddings as well as the work environment. It looks great on suit jackets and blazers and makes a unique style statement. 

To make the winged puff fold, fold the pocket handkerchief diagonally in a top-down manner to create a triangular point at the bottom. Take the top-right corner and bring it down to meet the bottom point. Repeat the same with the top-left corner.

Now, gently pick up the folded pocket square while keeping the folds in place and turn it over. Bring the right-hand corner to the middle, and repeat the same with the left-hand corner. Fold the bottom towards the top.

Again, gently pick up the pocket square and turn it back over. Place it inside your pocket and adjust accordingly. You can keep the gap as small or big as you like, depending on how you want the final look to be. A small gap creates a sharper triangular look while a wider gap gives a more rounded look.

The Scallop Fold

The Scallop Fold

For a unique and fancy pocket square look, the scallop fold is the one to try. It has a distinct layered look that works well with both patterned and solid-colored pocket squares. 

Folding a pocket square in the scallop fold style requires you to lay it out neatly on a flat surface. Fold it diagonally in a triangle right down the middle, and bring the bottom corner upwards to meet the top corner. Fold it in half again from right to left, creating another triangle, only smaller.   

Reposition the pocket square so that the longest side faces towards the north. Then, fold the right corner and bring it towards the middle. Repeat the same with the left corner and lay it over the first corner. In this step, make sure that the bottom point, which is the peak of the triangle, remains intact and untouched. 

Now, tuck the bottom point or corner inside your pocket and leave curved tops visible. The end result should be a well-rounded and neatly layered scalloped look.


When planning what to wear to a wedding, consider adding a pocket square to your blazer or suit jacket. It’s an absolute fashion staple that helps tie an outfit together effortlessly. Learn a few different styles of pocket square folds that you can experiment with on different occasions. 

Knowing how to fold a pocket square is one skill that will always come in handy, especially when you have to dress up formally and wear a suit or tuxedo. You can even make it a part of your daily office wear to add a touch of style to your business ensemble. 

It’s also a good idea to use different materials, colors, and patterns to achieve a different look each time and take your outfit to a new level!