The ‘Henry Cavill mustache’ saga has to be one of the biggest controversies or blunders, if you will, of all time in the world of Hollywood. Even if you haven’t seen the movies, you’ve probably caught up on the actor’s infamous mustache fiasco that continued to make rounds for days on end.

With one movie’s life hanging on to the mustache and the other wanting to get rid of it, Henry Cavill’s facial hair, unfortunately, became a source of great agony for the entire DC universe!

The solution proposed to this was removing Henry Cavill’s mustache in Justice League digitally with CGI in post-production which had an uncanny, unsettling look to it.

However, putting aside the horrific tale of Henry Cavill’s CGI mustache, there’s no denying the fact that it’s one of the coolest of all mustache styles and the actor donned the look with so much style and grace!

The Henry Cavill Mustache In Mission Impossible 

Henry Cavill Mustache

Regardless of the aftermath of the mustache drama, Henry Cavill’s beard stache, as they are calling it, combined with the chevron mustache, is definitely a look that’s worthy of recreating. It’s time to ditch the razor, sit back, and let the ‘stache do what it does best!

The beard stache, once described as the facial hair version of the classic 1960s mullet hairstyle, except edgier and more attractive, features a longer mustache with a stubble beard. The focal point here is the shape and length of the mustache where it partially covers the upper lip and has a slight upside-down v shape.

The chevron mustache follows the natural shape of your upper lip and features a downward angle that extends to the corners of the mouth. It’s supposed to be full and thick, which is what gives it that characteristic edgy look and appearance. 

If you liked Henry Cavill’s stubble and stache look in Mission Impossible, you don’t have to be Superman to pull it off – you can easily grow one yourself! Pair it with any short men’s hairstyle, or perhaps recreate the actor’s hairstyle while you are at it which is a classic look with a short back and sides, and the front slicked back with a slight curl in the forelock.

How to Grow the Henry Cavill Mustache

Henry Cavill Mustache

There is just one essential thing that you need to achieve in this particular mustache style – good mustache growth! Since the Henry Cavill mustache is all about the thick, full mustache, you must have proper facial hair growth in the upper lip region.

Let the ‘Stache Grow 

First things first, let your mustache grow naturally, don’t touch it and simply forget about it for a few weeks. Depending on the rate at which your hair grows, ignore your ‘stache for about six to eight weeks, if you really want to recreate Henry Cavill’s Mission Impossible mustache look.

You might want to hide the scissors and trimmer too because every time you look in the mirror, you’ll probably feel like giving your mustache a trim or getting rid of it altogether since it’s likely to itch. So, commitment is key here to get the right length and thickness required for this look.

While your mustache is in a growing phase, it is suggested to avoid shaving the rest of the face as well if you want the hair around your chin to blend in well with your ‘stache. However, it’s completely up to you and the end result that you are going for.

Consult A Professional or Do It Yourself  

When six to eight weeks have passed and your mustache has reached the fully-grown stage, it is best to head over to a professional or your go-to barber to initiate the trimming and shape process. Make sure to show them a picture of Henry Cavill’s beard and mustache from Mission Impossible so they know what you want exactly.

Alternatively, if you feel you have enough expertise in beard trimming, shaping, and styling, you can also do it yourself at home. You will need a good quality beard trimmer that comes with a detailed head and adjustable or changeable trimming lengths.

First, begin by combing your mustache downwards with the comb that comes with your beard trimmer set. Then, set your trimmer to 3-5 mm and begin trimming your mustache a little at a time. Maintain fullness towards the center of the upper lip and make sure to keep the ‘stache closer to the top lip as much as you can manage, without any skin showing from behind.

The actor has very short stubble with the mustache which sort of completes the look, so using a number one guard, shave the rest of your facial hair to the shortest length, minus the sideburns. Trim any long stray hairs to give them a neat, tidy appearance, and you are all done!

FAQs – Henry Cavill Mustache

Why did Henry Cavill not shave his mustache?

Henry Cavill couldn’t shave his mustache because he was shooting for Mission Impossible 6 in which his character had a full, thick mustache. 

What did Henry Cavill grow a mustache for?

Henry Cavill grew a thick, luxurious mustache for his role in Mission Impossible 6 which is believed to be a grooming choice.

What is a chevron mustache?

A chevron mustache is a popular mustache style for men which resembles a chevron, given how it is angled downwards where it covers the whole top lip.

Why was Superman’s mustache CGI?

Henry Cavill’s mustache had to be removed digitally with CGI for his Superman role because Justice League had to do some reshoots which were at the same time when the actor had a thick mustache for his other role in Mission Impossible – Fallout.


Everything aside, the legendary Henry Cavill mustache is truly iconic and super easy to achieve so if you are looking to give your face a makeover, the chevron-beard stache combo is the one to beat.

Make sure to keep your ‘stache maintained, neat, and tidy at all times if you want your mustache to really shine and stand out from the crowd!