We all know how viral the wolf cut was on TikTok this year with tremendous views ranging above a billion. No one can truly blame the fanatics since the hairstyle is extremely versatile, suits the majority of face shapes and can be worn in a variety of different styles.

The choppy, wild look is favored for the sensual, carefree vibes it provides along with the low maintenance it requires to look absolutely fab. From wolf cut short hair, to incorporating the hairstyle in longer layers, the wolf cut hairstyle has it all.

Since there are so many options when choosing the wolf cut, where you can adapt it to suit your liking it is important to know what the wolf cut actually is so that you know what you’re going for.

So, what exactly is the wolf cut that everyone seems to be raging about? 

What Is A Wolf Cut?

A wolf cut mainly features a lot of layers, with shorter layers at the top and longer at the bottom to create a messy, and slightly wild look.  You could say it resembles the mane of the wolf, which is also suggested by its name but there’s more to the origin than just that.

It takes its inspiration from the 70s mullet rockstar hairstyle, a pretty popular mens long hairstyle of its era, as well as the shag hairstyle of the 50s, to create the wolf cut we now know. The wolf cut is eye-catching, a bit eccentric and an easy way to spice up your look. 

Billie Eillish, Miley Cyrus and J Lo have all flaunted their wolf cuts with pride and it’s time you do the same. Here is a range of wolf cut hairstyles with pride and it’s time you do the same.

  1. Multi Layer Wolf Cut In Sunshine Yellow

Looking for a hairstyle to revamp your whole look? Then, this wolf cut hairstyle is just the one you need. 

The multiple layers to add volume to your hair, with the bright hair color to make you a ray of sunshine (quite literally) will brighten up each room you walk into.

  1. Sassy Wolf Cut Hairstyle With Double Contrast

This one’s a bit soft with longer layers, and great for someone who wants to be able to tame their wolf cut whenever they need. 

The double contrast effect with your desired hair dye, creates more dimension in the hairstyle, one that you can opt with platinum silver or blonde hair.

  1. Chunky Wolf Cut On Brown Hair

The wolf cut doesn’t always require you to change your hair color. It has more than enough personality on its own. 

You can opt for the hairstyle with your current length and color and still look as fabulous as ever.

  1. Ethereal Short Wolf Cut With Highlights

One of the advantages of having a wolf cut hair is that you can add or cut down the volume of hair according to your wish.

Create an ethereal wolf cut short hairstyle with wispy side layers and bangs with highlights for a mesmerizing carefree elegance in your appearance.

  1. The 70s Inspired Wolf Cut With Curtain Bangs

Another viral Tik Tok trend that blends with wolf cut hairstyle beautifully are curtain bangs,  . 

Flirty flyaway pieces frame your face to create cute hairstyles for women, where it is parted down the middle with the ever present effortless vibe, signature of a wolf cut. 

  1. Shaggy Blonde Beach Waves

A wavy wolf cut hairstyle that is sure to take everyone’s breath away, shaggy blonde beach waves are just what you need to level up your hair game this summer.

The bleached hair and the effortless waves may require a bit of effort, but they’re totally worth it.

  1. Thin Midi Wolf Cut With Korean Vibes

Did you know that the wolf cut is originally from Korea? You can totally check out this hairstyle with K pop vibes to create a messy, sensual look.

  1. Ample Wolf Shag Hair Cut With Blow Out

You might need a blow out to really amp this look, with the comparatively longer layers of the fusion between shag and wolf cut, but otherwise it’s a pretty easy go to hairstyle.

  1. Elvish Wolf Cut For Medium Hair

As emphasized previously, the wolf cut hair works well with all types of hair lengths, so there isn’t really a prescribed length to make the hairstyle work.

Rock this hairstyle with your medium length hair, to liven up your everyday look.

  1. Perfectly Cropped Wolf Cut For Curly Hair

Wolf cut curly hair is a perfect way to carry this hairstyle. The haircut enhances your natural texture, but they can equally be permed to perfection, too.

  1. Crazy Bangs With Flipped Out Ends

Chop your upper layers even shorter to create an even wild look with the wolf cut hair. You can even use salt spray to create a beachy wave hairstyle and make the layers stand out more. 

  1. Dense Shag With Color Blocking

You can incorporate color blocking into your wolf cut hairstyle, to emphasize the different dimensions of your haircut. Try out fun, bold colors to liven up your look.

  1. Disconnected Layers On Longer Hair

An inspo from the 70s mullet hairstyle, try out the wolf cut long hair to add a little personality to your mane, without cutting down on your length.

  1. A subtle Take On Wolf Cut

If you want to embrace the wolf cut but aren’t sure about the whole shag effect, then there’s honestly no need to worry. Go for a more subtle hair cut with longer layers that’s equally trendy and cool, while staying in your comfort zone.

  1. Messy Wolf Cut With Statement Jagged Fringe

Try this quirky wolf cut hairstyle with the rock star fringe. You won’t need to hide away your pretty features behind the shag, while incorporating all the mightiness of a wolf cut within your hair.

  1. Long Wolf Cut Hair With Naturally Tousled Waves

The best thing about wolf cut hair is that you don’t need to do much to rock the hairstyle. They can work equally well with your natural texture such as this long tousled hairstyle, with minimum effort.

  1. Wolf Cut Finish With Feathered Highlights

A more exotic take on the wolf cut hair, with frayed ends to soften up your look. You can create this hairstyle with all textures of hair, where it works especially well with thick hair.  

  1. Sleek And Light Wolf Cut Bob

A version of wolf cut short hair, that’s pretty neat. You can leave it to its natural texture or give it a blow dry depending on your mood.

  1. Feathery Cut With Sidelocks

Wolf cut hair doesn’t necessarily have to give you an over the top, edgy look. Create a fun, flirt hairstyle with this feathery version of wolf cut with side locks, for a cutesy effect.

  1. Wispy Wolf Cut For Shoulder Length Hair

Give yourself a new look with this hairstyle. Rock them with your natural texture, or give it a blow out for a full wolf cut mane.

  1. Soft And Illuminated Wolf Cut With Bangs

Illuminate your wolf cut by creating a transition between your upper and lower locks, with highlights. Go for a feathery take on this haircut for an enchanted look.

  1. Sleek Wolf Cut For Short Hair

Change your mane from looking wild, to a look sharp enough to cut with this wolf cut short hair. You can always dye your hair to take your hairstyle to the next level.

  1. Fun Green Tinged Wolf Cut For Straight Hair

Many people think the blonde people have a green tinge to their hair, but who cares? Throw back your insecurities and embrace your natural blonde with wolf cut hair.

  1. Face Hugging Wolf Shag With Choppy Baby Bangs

Just thinking about the hairstyle makes you go “aww”, doesn’t it? Well, it is as cute as it sounds with a lot of volume and face hugging features but short bags that don’t make hairstyle annoying for you.

  1. Heavily Layered Face Framing Pieces

Wolf cut compliments most face shapes, with its multiple layers and its ability to work in most lengths. Take a page out of J Lo’s book and go for a heavily layered wolf cut, now will you?

  1. Modern Hime Cut To Wolf Shag Transformation

A combo of the playful hime cut and the wild wolf shag cut, this haircut combines the two hairstyles in a seamless manner, blending beautifully into today’s time and trends.

  1. Deep Mullet With Sassy Bangs

 The wolf cut shares many features with the mullet haircut of the 70s. From multiple layers to the signature disheveled look, this deep mullet fusion with the wolf cut is what redefines the haircut and gives it a whole new meaning.

  1. Honey Blonde Shag With Lush Curtain Bangs

We all know that the curtain bangs trend is at an all time high in the hairstyle game, so why not blend it with a shag wolf cut and get the best of both worlds?

It is sure to soften up the wolf cut and give it a more feminine look, while framing your face and enhancing your natural facial structure.

  1. Sexy Peach Blonde Waves

These wolf cut hair give major Marliyn Monroe vibes, with the light hair effect and the slight waves sure to make the next person swoon. 

  1. Wild Wolf Shag With Bottleneck Bangs

An epitome of what it means to get a wolf cut. These wolf cut hair truly embrace the wild nature of the haircut and create an endlessly cool hairstyle with a full fringe at the brows.

  1. Wolf Cut Straight Hair

A wolf cut provides an easy, mostly permanent way out, to add volume to your straight locks. The layers prove to be an effective feature in framing your face and the bangs create a cute, messy look.

  1. Wolf Cut Without Bangs

As opposed to contrary belief, the wolf cut doesn’t necessarily require bangs. You can opt for one without bangs, which will give you the same flair as a regular wolf cut, in a less messier and more mature version.

  1. Wolf Cut Medium Hair

Wolf cut works well with anything from bob lengths to hair reaching just below your shoulders. As emphasized before, it will add a lot of texture to your hair and oomph up the body, shifting the reins from a boring everyday look, to a laid back hairstyle with fun vibes.  

  1. Fiercely Layered Vintage Hairdo 

With highly disconnected layers in medium length wolf cut hair, the hippie hairstyle makes your profile a lively one, reminding of the 90s look so in style these days.

  1. Edgy Shoulder Skimming Wolf Hairstyle

Another medium length wolf hairstyle that you can opt for, by adding highlights or a transition color. It keeps your hair frayed and messy, away from your face and gives you an edgy look, with sharp cuts to enhance your features.

  1. Platinum Wolf Cut With Shadow Roots

A classy, sleek variation of the wolf cut hairstyle that enhances your profile and adds that endlessly cool vibe to your appearance. 

You can incorporate this hairstyle with any length of hair, but it works best in wolf cut short to medium hair. 

  1. Bedhead Look With Deep Auburn Looks

A dreamy look, reminiscent of cottage core fashion, this wolf cut hairstyle is perfect for damsels with curly hair. Make your hairstyle defiant with a deep auburn dye.

  1. Shaggy Wolf Cut With Micro Bangs

Add drama to your wolf cut with extra short bangs and a voluminous shag cut, with tresses framing your face while some trail down your back. Opt for a dark color for a rebellious look.

  1. Blonde Wolf Cut

The wolf cut is actually closer to the shag cut than it is to the mullet. However, its place lies somewhere in between. 

Incorporate this hairstyle bleached hair, and enjoy the 70s mullet and 50s shag look, with added finesse for a feminine look.

  1. Long Wolf Cut

The wolf cut when adopted on long hair actually gives a mermaid hair effect with the natural volume it induces. You can tousle them lightly to enhance your wolf cut long hair.

  1. Korean Wolf Cut

Let’s go back to where the trend actually started, where multiple k pop female stars adopted the haircut with side bangs and a smooth fringe. 

The latest version is messier and more voluminous than the predecessor we all witnessed and loved in the Squid game, with the same guidelines as a mullet, but softer.

  1. Blended Copper Layers With Metallic Shine

Want a more sophisticated wolf cut hairstyle? 

Then add a copper dye to your hair, while blending your layers more evenly, rather than focusing on a pronounced disconnect.


Is It Hard To Achieve A Wolf Cut?

It really isn’t if you know what you’re going for. The wolf cut is easy enough for a stylist to integrate into your tresses, as easy it is for you to sport the hairstyle.

Is A Wolf Cut Low Maintenance?

A wolf cut doesn’t require much styling, where you are good to go with a simple blow dry. But you can always try out different things, since the wolf cut is quite a versatile hairstyle.

Will A Wolf Cut Suit You?

The wolf cut hairstyle suits most hair types and texture, and can be incorporated into all lengths. It adds a twist to your everyday hair, making your personality more fun, edgy or sweet, depending on the wolf cut you are going for.

How To Style A Wolf Cut?

You don’t really need to do anything extra to sport your wolf cut. A simple comb through your hair and you’ll be looking as fab as ever. However, you can add a little extra volume with a volumizing product, a sea salt spray to add texture or a blow dry to emphasize the different dimensions of your hairstyle.


The wolf cut has been among the top most trending hairstyles of 2023, where many celebrities have embraced the hairstyle and sported it on various occasions.

Since there are so many varieties of the hairstyle, you can’t really expect it to run down or be boring one day since each wolf cut has its own personality and effect on the persona wearing it. 

From wolf cut short hair to wolf cut long hair, or even its incorporation into fabulous midi cuts, the hairstyle never fails to awe the crowd. 

Literally everyone can wear a wolf cut, even men can adopt the hairstyle. 

If you haven’t tried out the hairstyle already, it’s high time you did. It’s not everyday that you get to enjoy a laid back hairstyle that recharges your appearance and gives you a whole new look. 

Just make sure you know which wolf cut you are going for, since there are so many varieties to choose from.